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GLS, you transporter partner for parcels shipped from France

With this extension, you will be able to offer your customers all the GLS France delivery solutions

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GLS, you transporter partner for parcels shipped from France

GLS France: Let your clients choose their delivery mode. 

  • Adapted solutions for every shipments under 30Kg in France, Europe and in the world
  • A solution for deliveries at home or in a one of the 4,300 distribution points
  • Very competitive fares in every offer
  • On site daily collections of your parcels
  • Parcels permanently tracked by our Track&Trace system
  • Delivery rescheduling by the recepients in case of absence during the first delivery attempt
  • A transport of quality in a sustainable development approach

The GLS France extention is available for free on Magentoconnect, but also on modules-ecommerce.fr where you can purchase packages of assistance for installation from 110€. 

GLS France lets your clients choose between the following delivery solutions: 

  • Home delivery: our offer BusinessParcel for your deliveries in France, EuroBusinessParcel for your deliveries in Europe andGlobalBusinessParcel for your deliveries in the rest of the world.
    Your parcel is delivered in home of the recepient signature. Should the recipient not be home, the parcel can be entrusted to a neighbour. In case of impossibility of delivery, the parcel is brought back to the GLS agency waiting for your next delivery instructions.
  • Delivery in a distribution point : our offer ShopDeliveryService for deliveries in France. Your parcel is delivered in the next 24 hours following its collection from one of the 4,300 Mondial Relay distribution points.
  • ColisFlex delivery : at home delivery. You receive an Email and SMS with delivery date and timeframe information. If not possible for you, choose when and where you want your parcel to be delivered.

Features of the GLS Magento module 

  • Configuration of the GLS shipping methods on your website
  • Distribution points real-time loading with the GLS webservice
  • Export of the GLS orders for automatic integration into the Winexpé label system
  • Import of the Track&Trace Urls to enable the recepients to track their parcels
  • These features are also available on smarthones, as the module is compatible the Magento mobile theme


  • Fully : From version CE 1.4 until 1.8. and EE version from 1.10 until 1.13
  • Without responsive design : CE 1.9 and EE 1.14

This module can only be used by GLS France customers, if you are not a GLS client yet, contact us quickly on gls-group.eu.

* If you need assistance or support for the installation of the module, our team can help you. You can purchase support packs here.

No request by phone will be accepted.

*: incl. VAT, plus shipping